Integrated Digital Marketing – Top Tips For Successful Skincare Promotions

Creating an integrated online marketing plan can seem overwhelming, to say the least. There are so many different venues to consider and challenges to overcome. But if done correctly, there is no end to what your skincare company can accomplish through the powerful tools of the internet and the effective utilization of digital resources in your marketing campaign.

Reach out and “touch” your customers.

If your marketing efforts are aimed solely at delivering a consistent message, you are setting your sites too low. Each time you interact with your customers, you should be learning something about them, thereby increasing your company’s chances for a future or immediate sale.

Your customers are being bombarded daily with messages from any number of sources; your skincare marketing messages need to find an effective way to cut through the clutter and reach out to them at the most opportune time. You’ve got to have an online presence where and when your customers are looking.

Remember, with a single click of the “unsubscribe” button, you will have lost the potential for reaching another customer and building a relationship with them.

Know what you’ve told them and what you’ve sold them.

Think about it…when executing your skincare marketing plan, does it make sense to send the same message to an existing customer as it does to a first-time visitor? No. So you’ve got to be aware of what you’ve already told them, as well as what you’ve already sold them. If a customer is at a place where they are ready to buy your skincare products, you’ve got to target them with a timely and relevant message.

To accomplish this, you need to collect and manage all their information at the customer level and communicate to them with a solid knowledge of all incoming and outgoing correspondence, any and all transactions with them, etc. How can you accomplish this in your skincare marketing campaign? Start by collecting – at a minimum – the following data sets which are

unique to each of your customers and prospects:

o Email address;

o Cookie ID;

o Wireless ID (if possible);

o Demographics;

o Completed transactions.

You should also be using integrated digital marketing to solicit feedback from your prospects and customers. Listen to what they’re saying, and then approach them with a message that shows them you’re listening.

The power of the “search”.

Like any other industry, search marketing is at the core of a solid digital skincare marketing campaign. Brand recognition is no longer “enough”. Keep these things in mind when creating your search marketing campaign:

o “Local” search options cost less, so you’ll get the maximum return with the minimum investment.

o High search engine rankings, coupled with creative online marketing campaigns can quickly transform prospects into buying customers.

o Regardless of the size of your skincare competitors, with effective SEO and PPC strategies, you can level the playing field and position your company for growth.

o Investigate to determine what skincare-related key phrases are taking visitors to your competitors’ sites and then incorporate them into your marketing mix.

o Pass on the “flash”…stick to html for higher indexing capabilities. Search engine spiders go for the text; adding flash to your site makes it nearly invisible to them.

Two simple keys to insuring your success?

1. At every point of interaction, you must have the ability to recognize customers and prospects and create the best message to deliver to them…at the best time.

2. Investigate and utilize applications that collect your customers’ interests and compare their browsing and purchase patterns; you can then target them with relevant messages offering them what they need, when they need it.